Connecting Patients
to Advanced Therapies

At we are building an innovative AI-powered technology platform to simplify the logistics of patient referrals for advanced therapies.

We are leveraging AI to build the digital ecosystem that will enhance patient access and accelerate clinical work flows for advanced therapies.

The focus is on advanced medicines such as cell therapies, gene therapies, bispecific antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, and radioligand therapies.

Our vision is to build the first and only AI-enabled health tech solution to help patients gain rapid access to advanced therapies to improve outcomes and health equity.

Our Platform

Advanced Therapy Connect technology platform is an innovative AI-powered data engine designed to simplify the logistics of patient referrals and shorten the patient treatment journey for advanced therapies.

  • Entirely cloud-based responsive application with no need to download software
  • We provide a top-to-bottom healthcare data privacy compliance solution including HIPAA, SOC 2, and GDPR data privacy compliance in a full stack cloud environment
  • Our AI-powered algorithm matches patient diagnostic information with approved advanced therapies and clinical trials at hospital treatment centers nearest to the patient

We make it easier and faster for patients to access advanced therapies.


Patients are at risk of poor clinical outcomes when administration of potentially curative advanced therapies are delayed.  With Advanced Therapy Connect, patient experience may be improved through:

  • Shorter wait times and less anxiety
  • Faster intake process at hospital treatment centers
  • Simplified logistics of referral, appointment scheduling and clinical evaluation
  • Fewer delays in treatment
  • Less toxicity from ineffective chemotherapy
  • Continuous communication through real-time automated treatment notifications.

We are the “digital front door” to support clinical and operational workflows.

Life Science Companies

Greater market insights from real-world data capture of early referral dynamics and patient-level encounters provides Life Science companies with greater visibility into community practice market dynamics through:

  • Improved demand forecasting, capacity planning and manufacturing slot allocation through real-time referral visibility
  • Insight into community referral demand generation and market share
  • More efficient marketing and provider targeting through greater visibility into effectiveness of marketing and brand or disease state awareness programs
  • Ability to capture real-world evidence throughout the end-to-end patient journey to support clinical outcomes and value demonstration to regulators and payers

There is a need to modernize the referral process to reduce patient wait times and prevent delays in treatment.

Hospital Treatment Centers

Today’s patient referral process depends on referring HCPs in community practice to fax, call, or use a website to refer a patient to an accredited hospital treatment center.

Hospital Treatment Centers benefit from our software platform though:

  • Increased advanced therapy referrals from health care providers in community practices
  • Faster and more seamless patient intake at hospital treatment centers
  • Simpler logistics of patient referral and patient eligibility determination

Contact Us aims to be the pioneer in AI-enabled digital solutions, addressing many of the logistical and operational barriers patients experience in accessing advanced therapies.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help.